Abed Tamesh, Cover artist and Illustrator


Adult Education and Development: Describe your working process when you make an illustration.

Abed Tamesh: In my work, I try to get the message across in a simple illustration that can ignite action. In order to do that, the most important thing for me is to grasp the theme and search for the idea I want to adopt. I try to look for a different/ new perspective and I like for my work to be simple but evoke deeper thinking; sum up a whole idea in one simple illustration.

What must an illustration have/include to be good?

It must convey the unique identity of the artist; enable us to see the topic from a new and unique perspective; and be genuine and easy to relate to.

What do you want your illustrations to say?  What is your message?

Any thing that comes from me has to carr y the cause of my people. As a Palestinian, I’m proud of my roots and I want my work to be a voice speaking for the reality we live in and the rich culture we have.

What is mightier, the pencil (written word) or the brush (image)? Why?

I believe that the brush is mightier because it makes it easier to state a position through an image and bring a message across. Yet, I don’t believe that one can succeed without the other. As the image states a position, the text will take this to the next level and explain that position better.

Abed Tamesh was born in 1978 in the Mediterranean city of Akka on the nor thern coast of Palestine. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from Ascola College, Jaffa. Abed is the founder and main creative director of Underground: Creative Design and Visual Language Studio in Haifa. The studio holds the credit for many of the prominent political and social campaigns in Palestinian society. Other than the work of the studio, Abed has an exhibition of his work as a political cartoonist that has visited the cities of Akka, Nazareth, Haifa, Ramallah and Jaffa.



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