Jawad Hamdard Kia, Photographer

Adult Education and Development: What were you looking for when taking the photos?

Jawad Hamdard Kia: Being a student myself some years back, I have personal experiences from the challenges of the education system in my country and about how education can contribute to individual change. The level of the education system is one thing, for me education is also a very individual process. My focus was to catch these individual moments, where students enjoy and take their future in their own hands. I look for a set of common components that create beauty and a message together.

Why did you choose photography as your means of expression?

I want to contribute to show the other Afghanistan, most parts of the world only see pictures of tragedies. This of course has been part of Afghan society for decades. At the same time, the dreams and especially the wishes of the young generation are dif ferent. People should know about and understand these hopes. In general, I am tr ying to show the subject that creates its own beauty, while I seek to connect the viewer with the subject and create a value for others. I believe that language, words and stories cannot always show what I hope to share with others. I illustrate ideas within an image, using accurate and complete information. When it works, it is a truly beautiful act of bringing people together.

Jawad Hamdard Kia was born in 1986 in the Urozgan province of Afghanistan.
He now lives in Kabul.

Jawad graduated from Daqiqi Balkhi High School in Mazar-e-Sharif in 2004 and he then obtained a BA in Agriculture from Bamyan University, and an Associates Degree in computer science from Erfan Institute of Higher Education.

Jawad has has worked with a variety of non-governmental organisations, mainly in the fields of education, media, election, development and social justice. He recently star ted working with the Afghan National Association for Adult Education (ANAFAE) in Kabul.

Since Jawad began photography in 2004, his works have been published in magazines, newspapers, calendars, and websites such as BBC and Kabul Press. He is a member of the Afghan Photography Network and 3rdeye Afghanistan.



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