ICAE Virtual Seminar 2017

The next virtual seminar, on skills and competencies, will start at the end of March 2017 and will last for approximately two weeks. The following articles of this issue will be the starting point of the seminar:

The New Skills Agenda for Europe
By Dana Bachmann and Paul Holdsworth, European Commission

Enhancing competencies in the Arab world: issues to be considered
By Rabab Tamish, Betlehem University, Palestine

The 5 skills it takes to build another possible world – Learning from and for the World Social Forum
By Alessio Surian, University of Padova, Italy

Soft skills in non-formal education: building capacities of the youth
By Priti Sharma, PRIA International Academy, New Delhi, India

The seminar is free of charge and open to anyone. Do you want to participate? Send an e-mail to voicesrising@icae.org.uy. Registration is open now and until the beginning of the seminar.

The virtual seminar runs via e-mail in English. Your contributions can be sent in English, French or Spanish and will then be translated into English.

If you have questions ahead of the seminar, do not hesitate to contact Ricarda Motschilnig (policy@icae.global or icae@icae.org.uy).

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