Adult Education for Development Project – case study from Jordan

Maram, a member of the community-based tourism project, is working with a local farmer in the village of Jdetta, northern Jordan, © DVV International


The Adult Education for Development Project (AEforD) supports Community Development Centres (CDC) to become ­vibrant focal points for Adult Education and learning in rural and marginalised villages all over Jordan. CDCs are supported in developing community-based structures that enable them to offer exemplary learning and income generation opportunities for their target groups. This helps the target group with necessary employment and self-employment skills and with empowering the target groups to improve their lives. The structures are developed based on needs that are assessed in close cooperation with the community itself, mainly building on local resources, incorporating the community’s cultural, social and economic heritage.

Success factors

AEforD’s approach encourages learners to think, solve problems, evaluate evidence, analyse arguments and generate hypotheses within the processes of assessing needs, planning, running projects, evaluating their impacts and sustaining them. The work with the CDCs starts by allowing learners to reflect on what they are learning and why they are learning it. This allows them to fully engage in the projects, so that the projects in turn can be based on their needs, capacities, realities and aspirations, along with the available resources and inherited cultures. A group of women in one of the participating villages went through a long process of learning that allowed them to fully explore their own potential, as well as that of their community. The result is a community-based tourism project benefiting from local tourist attractions supervised by local authorities. The women are now running the project, hosting at least two tour groups per month. One of the women running the project said “I always wanted to engage in activities that allow me to meet new people and learn about new and different cultures, but I never thought I could do this right from the different corners of my own village”.

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Alaa’ AbuKaraki
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