“Lifelong learning is necessary to make your life more colourful and joyful”

Maia Chanturia

Maia Chanturia is the Director of the Jvari Community Education Centre in Georgia, where she also works as an adult educator.

Adult Education and Development: How did you become an adult educator?

Maia Chanturia: Shortly after I started working at the Jvari Community Education Centre, I communicated with people on a daily basis who needed opportunities to obtain information, find out about different issues, and enhance their knowledge and skills. Sharing my experiences and knowledge was part of my job, and fulfilling this responsibility successfully had always been an important task for me. This is the moment when you really realise that you are an adult ­educator and you have a responsibility to impart knowledge to other adults. The centre gave me the chance to complete a train-the-trainer course, become acquainted with the principles of androgogy and become a qualified adult educator.

Please describe your current work.

The Jvari Community Education Centre offers different individual and vocational training courses. I am responsible for conducting training courses and for leading public meetings and discussions. In addition to this, I teach financial education. Local people as well as internally-displaced persons ­attend these courses. We always make sure to offer programmes that are in high demand. Our beneficiaries can also improve their social skills by attending various types of training at the centre, in a comfortable, pleasant environment.

Which is your favourite working method, and why?

I use different methods in the learning process: teamwork, role-playing and situational games, demonstration and analysis methods. What makes our profession different is the fact that adult learners have already gained a certain amount of experience and knowledge. Most of them have already ­chosen a profession. So they are fully aware of what they are doing while they seek to develop their skills and capabilities. However, they have complexes too, and I reckon that to feel free and comfortable is crucial for them in order to overcome these obstacles. Taking this into consideration, we should first of all help them to relax and get rid of any kind of obstacles. Hence, information should be provided in a clear and interesting manner. It is really pleasant when you feel that they are ready to cooperate with you. And when you see that they are satisfied with the results, you realise that you have done your job properly.

What motivates you?

In my opinion, it’s never too late to obtain an education. Moreover, lifelong learning is necessary to make your life more colourful and joyful. It can also help open new doors. The motivation for me is exactly this: to support people around me and help them to improve their knowledge. I really wish to share my knowledge with more and more people and convince them that anyone can start anything at any age, change their life for the better, protect their rights, become independent, and get a better job. All this is conditional on education which is lifelong!

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