International Conference in Pécs

A Call for Cooperation

A Call for Cooperation in the Education and Training of Adult Educators through Higher Education


The Conference resolved to move forward on the following lines.

A call for cooperation in the education and training of adult educators through higher education

  • Bearing in mind the Bologna agreement of 19 June 1999 on the creation of a European area of higher education, and considering the prior interest of the representatives of universities from 25 counties gathered 2-5 October 2003 at Pécs in Hungary, and as a response by universities to European lifelong learning policies.
  • The Conference on Adult Education Studies at Colleges and Universities in Central-East Europe has agreed on the necessity and process of university re form with a focus on greater harmonisation in Higher Education in a European context.
  • Consensus is already recognised so far as the length of study of programmes is defined – 3-4 years for a BA, 4-5 years altogether for an MA. In addition to the individual demands in the given countries represented, the Conference agreed on the following calls for action:
    • To introduce new study programmes at BA and MA level, and for existing and differing graduation structures to be exchanged for the BA and MA.
    • Acceptance of mutually respected academic levels of study programmes and examinations, and the modularisation of study programmes.
    • Fundamental elements of existing study programmes to be integrated into modules (learning and learning theories), whilst details depending on the different contexts of adult education practice should be left to the individual countries.


Participation in the Ongoing Process

The Conference calls for cooperation with respect to establishing these programmes and modules. Partners in cooperation are the international and national institutions responsible for educational policies, and the agencies and associations engaged in adult education practice.

Cooperation should concentrate an demand and profiles of competency, in re sponse to which universities should move in an autonomous and scientific manner.

Source: IPE 44, Training of Adult Educators in Institutions of Higher Education, IIZ/DVV, 2004, pp. 13–14


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