11,000 places to learn in Vietnam

Khau Huu Phuoc, Vietnam







Khau Huu Phuoc is research and training manager at SEAMEO Regional Centre for Lifelong Learning in Vietnam. He is convinced that Community Learning Centres are an exceptionally good tool for adult education in Vietnam.

Adult Education and Development: When were the ­Com­munity Learning Centres opened, and what do they offer?

Khau Huu Phuoc: The first ten Community Learning Centres (CLCs) were established in 1998 with the financial support of the Japanese government. Since then, under the direction of the government, CLCs have increased in number, and now exist in every commune (the lowest level of administrative division) in Vietnam, totalling more than 11,000.

Vietnam CLCs are legal entities and serve three main functions:

  • education and training
  • information and consultation
  • community development

Programmes and activities are geared towards elevating local people’s lives through providing knowledge and short courses on work skills. There are also short information and propaganda sessions when new policies and directions from the government are disseminated.

What have the CLCs changed in the commune?

In places where CLCs have actively engaged in the development of people’s lives and of the community, there have been significant changes in people’s cultural, spiritual, physical and family lives. These can be seen mostly in rural and suburban areas where people do not have easy access to education. At CLCs, people learn new techniques that improve their productivity and give them a higher income.

What’s your favourite thing about the CLCs?

It’s probably the amazing coverage of the CLC network in the country, with one in every commune and ward. This has maximised learning opportunities for people, especially the disadvantaged and marginalised, many of whom are illiterate. According to the General Office of Statistics of Vietnam, 95 % of the population aged from 15 can now read and write. CLCs have especially benefited low-income families, farming-dependent people, and young people with limited financial conditions for learning. In a sense, CLCs are key accelerators of lifelong learning for all.

Learn more: Visit the CLC in Xuat Hoa Commune, Hoa Binh Province of Vietnam at

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