Information and Communication

Information and Communication

“Adult Education and Development” is the biannual journal of DVV International. With a circulation of 25,000 copies, it is the most widely read adult education periodical in the world. Distribution is free of charge. The journal is avail able in English, Spanish, and French. The vast majority of the journal’s readership is comprised of adult educators from developing countries. Issues no. 68 through 71, which were published during the reporting period, focused on the following themes:


  • Adult education for persons with disabilities
  • History workshops and adult education
  • Strengthening professionalism in adult education
  • Financing adult learning


  • Contributions commemorating Paulo Freire on the
    10th anniversary of his death
  • Preparations for CONFINTEA VI


  • Migration und integration
  • Literacy und “Education for All”
  • Poverty reduction and sustainable development


  • Adult literacy benchmarks

Electronic versions of the journal in English, French, and Spanish, beginning with issue no. 54, can be accessed online at The site also features an index of all journals published to date to facilitate online access to articles according to author, issue, year, region, country, and topic.

A CD-ROM of all articles published in issues 30 through 70 (sorted by author, region, and topic) has been included in the French and Spanish versions of issue 71.

In addition to its journal, DVV International also publishes the series “International Perspectives in Adult Education”. The following monographs were issued over the course of the past two years:

  • Adult Education and Education Policy in Bulgaria
  • Europe on the Street: Experiences from the EU-Socrates Project “Europe with Method”
  • Adult Education in Malta
  • Migration and Integration as a Focus of Adult Education
  • Challenges for CONFINTEA VI
  • The Right to Education in the Context of Migration and Integration
  • ”Das Europäische Jahr des Interkulturellen Dialogs: Good-practice-Beispiele aus der Jugend- und Erwach senenbildung” (The European year of intercultural dia logue: Examples of good practice in youth and adult education published in German only)

Within the framework of its “Global Learning” project, the Institute also elaborates background and documentary material for use at Germany’s community adult education centres, the VHS. The documents, which are published on a regularly basis under the title “Materials on Global Learning at the VHS”, are specially designed to assist VHS instructors in their work. New approaches to development education for teenagers and young adults were documented during the reporting period and published under the title “Beispiele aus der Praxis II” (Examples from Praxis II).
Hard copies of all volumes can be ordered online at www.


InfoNet Adult Education

Launched in 2005 under a grant within the framework of Socrates/Grundvig 4, InfoNetAE is an initiative that seeks to enhance international cooperation among publishers in the field of adult education. Since the project’s inception, DVV International has been collaborating with more than 30 partners from over 14 countries on the development of a web-based platform. The network has meanwhile set up an internet portal under the internet address www.infonet-ae. net, where correspondents from more than 25 different coun tries of Europe regularly post reports on topics concerning adult education. The website also provides a vast array of information that is very useful in day-to-day editorial work. Among other things, it contains a comprehensive list of adult education journals and newsletters published in Europe, as well as hyperlinks to the web pages of institutions, agencies, resources, and news sources relevant to the European adult education sector. Every two months, an online newsletter containing the latest news from the various countries involved in the project is posted on the site. Current efforts in the project, which recently entered its second phase, are being devoted to expanding and improving the service.

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