Citizen's voices

Fadil Maloku
Republic of Kosovo

1. What does global citizenship mean to you?

With global citizenship I mean first and foremost a citizen who moves freely across the globe, a resident who can be employed anywhere without running into barriers, customs, ideological, social, political and cultural. So a citizen who reduces to a minimum prejudices and negative stereotypes towards other affi liations, ethnic, gender, class, race, culture...

2. In what ways are you a global citizen?

For citizens of the Western Balkans, remember that the idea of global citizenship is still a good dream because:

a. Five bloody wars took place in this part of the continent, the consequences of which current and future generations suffer; ethnic reconciliation takes time;
b. We are in a still ongoing transition process; we lack consolidated democratic institutions, we still see an inexplicable indifference on the part of citizens when it comes to decision-making, voting and denouncing negative phenomena such as organised crime, corruption, nepotism, conformism;
c. In countries such as Kosovo, freedom of movement is still conditional on visas and other social problems, political, economic and cultural.