Citizen’s voices

Florence Sachikonye

1. What does global citizenship mean to you?

Global citizenship means active participation in global issues in the hope of contributing positively towards the betterment of all citizens, in particular the marginalised, irrespective of colour, creed or gender. It also means identifying with being part of an emerging world community whose actions contribute in shaping the community's values, norms and principles.

2. In what ways are you a global citizen?

I am currently working with our local communities in Zimbabwe in providing education in production through skills training. I focus on young people who do not have the required minimum standard of education, the “five ‘O’ levels threshold”. These young people are popularly known as “the lost generation”. This model is restoring hope and confidence amongst young people through a curriculum showing how they can play a significant role in community development. This is demonstrated through construction of classrooms, making steel door frames, window frames and various horticulture products for food security.

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