The team of DVV International in Uzbekistan

Workshop on Curriculum globALE Module one in the DVV International Regional office for Central Asia

Conference on Adult Education in Uzbekistan: Reforms and Perspectives, Tashkent

Registan Square in the centre of old Samarkand

From 2002 to 2018, DVV International was represented by a regional office for Central Asia in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Since August 2018, the office in Tashkent has functioned as a country office. DVV International promotes programmes and partners there in their commitment to lifelong learning and adult education. Uzbekistan is, with about 30 million inhabitants, the most populous country in Central Asia and in 2018 was ranked 105th on the Human Development Index of the United Nations, which covers 187 countries. The focus of work in Uzbekistan is on creating quality educational programmes for vulnerable young people and women in the three regions of Samarkand, Nukus and Fergana. To do this, DVV International supports and promotes partner adult education institutions locally. By working with the Uzbek Adult Education Association, the regional office contributes to the networking of actors in adult education and promotes their participation in the reform processes in the education sector. In addition, the office cooperates with a number of state and non-state actors in the country.

Main focus of work

Development of adult education centres and establishment of multi-profile training programmes in three regions of Uzbekistan: At three locations, in Samarkand, Fergana and Nukus, selected partner organisations are strengthened. This includes the further training of educational and administrative personnel, the updating of existing and the development of new curricula as well as the provision of materials. In cooperation with partners, complex training programmes for socially disadvantaged groups, especially for women and young people, are offered.

Strengthening of the Uzbek Adult Education Association: DVV International contributes to strengthening the Uzbek Adult Education Association and supports it in its civil society engagement and in its role as stakeholder in adult education. Moreover, DVV International promotes cooperation of the association with other adult education networks from the Central Asian region but also with trans-regional networks such as the Asian Adult Education Association ASPBAE.

Popularisation of Adult Education in Uzbekistan: In collaboration with various stakeholders, DVV International contributes, through public events, toward the popularisation of adult education and non-formal education. In this way the office wants to win the attention of the general public, but also of the media and the decision-makers.

Promoting exchanges for adult education related issues nationally and internationally: Through consultation, study tours and the organisation of roundtables and conferences in collaboration with national and international actors, DVV International contributes to the improvement of conditions in the education sector. In order to promote international exchanges, DVV International supports the participation of Uzbek adult educators and decision-makers at regional and international events.


DVV International works in Uzbekistan with government, non-governmental and international organisations. Important governmental partners are the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Teacher Training Institute of the Vocational Training Centre of the Republic of Uzbekistan (SSPO). Included among the non-governmental partners are the non-governmental organisations Sabr, Kalb Nuri, Golden Heritage of the Aral Sea as well as the Uzbek Adult Education Association. International partners are, for example, the UNESCO Office Tashkent, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the European Training Foundation.

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