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Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan

DVV International has been active in Central Asia since 2002. Initially, from 2002 to 2018, with a regional office in Tashkent as well as country offices in Dushanbe (since 2009) and Bishkek (since 2012). The representation in Kyrgyzstan assumed a coordinating function for Central Asia as a regional office in August 2018. Regional cooperation plays an important role in Central Asia and the exchange between adult education providers and various stakeholders from different countries is an important part of the work of DVV International in the region.

The annual summer academies are significant exchange forums which bring together multipliers, experts, trainers and other players involved in adult education. The topics of these regional events include, for example, methods of adult education, networking, lobbying or the international education agenda for after 2015.

Examples of regional cooperation are the projects for the improvement of educational provisions for prisoners in all three countries in the region. Intensive exchange and mutual consultation takes place, both among the civil society partner organisations and the competent public authorities as well as the team responsible for project implementation.

Another pillar of the regional approach is to support cooperation between national adult education associations from Central Asia and the regional and national partners and networks in the field of adult education. Mention should be made here especially of PRIA (Participatory Research in Asia) from India and ASPBAE (Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education). Cooperation takes place in the frame of joint study tours, summer schools and workshops.


The work of DVV International in Afghanistan is coordinated by the headquarters in Bonn. The Institute maintains no office in the country, however a project leader is sent regularly to be on site. DVV International has been working in Afghanistan since 2002 and its main partner is the Afghan National Association for Adult Education (ANAFAE). Together, meanwhile, both institutions operate 21 educational establishments which are aimed in particular at the young generation. Every year up to 190,000 (2014) learners take part in the courses. DVV International would particularly like to promote professional qualifications so that possibilities improve for young people in transition into the labour force. In that way, they too can contribute to economic growth and social change.

Contact in the region

DVV International
Regional Office Kyrgyzstan
Frunze Street 402
710017 Bishkek

Regional Director:
Thekla Kelbert

Contact in Afghanistan

Head Office Kabul

Country Director:
Wolfgang Schur

Contact in Germany

Senior Desk Officer Central Asia:
Meike Woller

Senior Desk Officer Afghanistan:
Thomas Rößer

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