Group work during a workshop, Kerak

Group activity during curriculum training in Jerash

A young man learning how to make traditional Arabic bread

Film screening during a DVV International summer festival

Although Jordan is situated in a conflict region and is characterised by internal social conflicts, the situation in the country has been relatively calm and stable for decades. The existing problems, such as resource scarcity, poverty and unemployment have however been exacerbated by the influx of Syrian refugees. In particular, women and young adults are affected by unemployment. This is dramatic when one bears in mind that about half of the seven million inhabitants of Jordan are younger than 25 years old.

Despite great progress in recent decades, the education system is hardly in a position to meet the great demand. Adult education is only gradually establishing itself as an important pillar of lifelong learning. In state-run adult education, literacy and remedial education play an important role, but increasingly attention is being focused on the provision of key competencies and skills for income security. DVV International has been engaged in this process along with its partner organisations since the office opened in 2010.

Main focus of work

Innovative offerings: DVV International supports the development of curricula for innovative educational activities that should help participants to generate income and to defend their interests. Central to this are participatory methods that focus on the interests and experiences of the participants, encourage critical thinking and peaceful conflict resolution.

For several years, a special focus has been on educational work with Syrian refugees. In view of the conflict in Syria, DVV International supports partner organisations in involving Syrian refugees in educational programmes. Refugees and local residents participate together in educational activities that help them to acquire relevant skills and to initiate actions so they can engage in self-help and provide for themselves.

Qualified professionals: DVV International trains teachers to become certified professionals in adult education. The training conveys theories and concepts of participatory adult education and enables participants to apply different teaching methods, depending on the topic and needs of learners.

Powerful adult education centres: DVV International supports the facilities of governmental and non-governmental bodies to establish adult education centres. The staff of the centres are supported to analyse training needs, to develop appropriate courses, to offer career guidance, to establish contacts with employers and encourage self-help initiatives in their catchment area.

Improving framework conditions: DVV International advises a working group in which all major partner institutions are represented in the development of a vision and strategy for adult education in Jordan. This should not only improve access to adult education in the long run, but also the quality of the educational offers and the working conditions for the providers.


The most significant partners of DVV International in Jordan are the ministries of Education, Social Affairs and Labour, the Vocational Training Corporation, royal charities such as the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development and the Jordan River Foundation, as well as local non-governmental organisations.

Representatives of all these partner institutions are involved in a working group on the development of a vision and strategy for adult education in Jordan.

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