Culinary classes in the social education centre of the Shirak Diocese

A participant in the project Armenia Total(itar)  tells the story of his grandfather

Yerevan city view

Since the beginning of 2002, one of the major players involved in adult education in the country is, meanwhile, the country office of DVV International in Armenia.

Within the framework of political and economic reform processes after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Armenia, like all South Caucasian countries, is faced with a variety of problems. The transformation process takes a long time and the condition of a stable democratic system and a functioning market economy has not yet been attained. Successful reform of the labour market is one of the key preconditions for economic and social development of the country. At the same time the labour market makes new demands on workers, new qualifications and skills are required and the need for vocational training is high.

In Armenia adult education is not recognised as an independent education sector and receives no government support. DVV International therefore aims to educate the general public and decision-makers on the role and importance of adult learning.

Main focus of work

Development of a functioning adult education system: DVV International supports the establishment and work of adult education centres in the various provinces of the country. The Institute also promotes the development and operation of an adult education association.

Vocational training: DVV International strengthens the competencies of the Employment Agency and helps in training of the unemployed. Also the adult education centres supported by DVV International offer vocational training and retraining, which is aimed particularly at disadvantaged groups in order to improve their chances in the labour market.

Networking and exchange: DVV International promotes cooperation and exchange between Armenian adult educators, technical specialists and decision-makers and their colleagues in the South Caucasus and in Europe.

Reconciliation projects: DVV International implements reconciliation projects in Armenia. One example is the reconciliation project Acting together between Turkey and Armenia.


There has been long-term cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia in the areas of adult education legislation and in the strategic development of the sector adult education and lifelong learning. The Institute also works very closely with the Employment Agency, which is part of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. The employment agency also participates financially in trainings offered by various partners of DVV International. Moreover, for years DVV International has been working together with various adult education centres, including the adult education centres in Gyumri (Shirak Diocese the social pedagogic centre of the Armenian Apostolic Church) and the Sisian adult education centre.

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