DVV International Guatemala team

The team of DVV International in Guatemala

DVV International Guatemala visit to Chiapas

Visit to Chiapas, Mexico

DVV International Guatemala meets partner organisations

DVV International Guatemala meeting partner organisations

DVV International started working in Guatemala in 1995 with several partner organisations working for the education and development of youth and adults, especially in the most marginalised groups in the country. In the early years, cooperation activities were managed from Mexico. The appointment of a national coordinator in 2013 made it possible to intensify cooperation and, as a consequence, achieve better results and greater impact. In 2023, the aim is to establish a national office with the appropriate legal status.

Currently, we cooperate with six organisations, including partners and strategic allies. Activities focus on access to quality education, promotion of education for youth, improvement of quality of life, reduction of poverty and inequality, and economic development. Migration, education and development (MED) are priority areas of our work.


Our work includes the development of concepts to improve literacy, the implementation of projects, the training of trainers, the proposals for a model of youth education and the design of public measures at different levels. Various projects are implemented through partner organisations and in coordination with partner institutions at macro, meso and micro levels. Our strategies focus on helping youth and adult education and strengthening non-formal education, coordination between government institutions and support organisations, exchange of experiences and information in the Mexico-Guatemala cross-border region, and espousal and support of measures to fulfil the commitments made by Guatemala at the CONFINTEA VII World Conference.

Lifelong learning and the promotion of vocational training for youth are considered the most appropriate mechanisms to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of the UNESCO Agenda 2030. The creation of networks for the exchange of experiences and the sharing of information on lifelong learning will also be supported.


DVV International cooperates with six organisations in Guatemala: Three of them are partners in the implementation of projects to assist youth and adult education EPJA (Educación para Jóvenes y Adultos) and MED work (Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales -FLACSO-, Proyecto de Desarrollo Santiago -PRODESSA- and Fundación TIERRANUESTRA), the others are institutions with which processes of organisational development are coordinated and special actions are carried out to aid EPJA (Dirección General de Educación Extraescolar -DIGEEX-, Comité Nacional de Alfabetización -CONALFA- y Centro Universitario de Noroccidente -CUNOROC- of the University of San Carlos de Guatemala). The organisations cooperate with DVV International at different levels, from local to national.

Finally, DVV International has established links with the country’s education authorities and is part of the cluster of organisations supporting education. DVV International also participates in forums to formulate a national education agenda and in communication networks dealing with education, migration and development, but also with training centres for non-formal education and the promotion of literacy.


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