Networks in Latin America

DVV International cooperates in Latin America with the regional networks CEAAL, REPEM and CLADE.


The Consejo de Educación de Adultos de América Latina, CEAAL (Latin American Adult Education Council) is the largest coalition of non-governmental adult education organisations in Latin America and the Caribbean. It consists of a total of 195 organisations from 21 Latin American countries. The Secretariat is currently seated in Mexico. 

CEAAL sees itself as a movement of education for the people (Movimiento de Educación Popular) that initiates and accompanies processes of transformation in the education, social, cultural and economic sectors. Starting from a world view that places social justice and democracy on a bedrock of human rights, with the eligibility of all genders at the centre of its movement, CEAAL fights for a pedagogy, politics and ethics of emancipation.

Due to its many years of expertise and experience in the field of youth and adult education as well as in Educación Popular  (Popular Education), CEAAL is of strategic importance as a lobby organisation in Latin America. Through its involvement in important Latin American initiatives, such as the Campaign for Literacy of the Organisation of American States (OAS), CEAAL makes a vital contribution to strengthening the influence of civil society on national education policies for the benefit of disadvantaged populations.


The Latin American women’s network Red de Educación Popular entre Mujeres, REPEM (Network for Popular Education between Women) has been active in all Latin American countries and the Caribbean since 1981. Approximately 180 women’s organisations have joined forces in order to make the issue of education for women and girls a central focus and to formulate it as a political demand.

DVV International supports the systemising of selected good practice examples in educational concepts and measures with a focus on gender in Central America. REPEM has focused on the following topics: women’s education, women’s experience and knowledge, feminist approaches to education, competence and knowledge acquisition, leadership and political action.

With the support of DVV International, REPEM is also able to bring the interests of Latin American women into many international processes. The network also publishes two magazines and much documentation about practical project work.


The CLADE (La Campaña Latinoamericana por el Derecho a la Educación) network, which is organised like a campaign, supports the human right to education in various Latin American countries.

The network builds its actions on its Charter of Principles and on the observation and assessment of the political context of the region. At each meeting, the network defines its priority lines of action, which can be read in its policy agenda.

The three networks work closely together. REPEM and CEAAL are on the board of CLADE and responsible for attaining greater visibility for adult education.

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