Palestinian Territories

Training about teaching methods

Art of decorating wood – Pyrography training

Everyday life in Palestine, which was occupied and divided by Israel into the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, is still marked by conflicts and constraints. The Palestinian Territories are dependent on international donors. The establishment of a functioning economy is hardly possible due to the Israeli occupation. The United Nations estimates that 45 percent of people in the West Bank and as many as 80 percent in the Gaza Strip are living in poverty. Unemployment in the West Bank is at 20 percent and in the Gaza Strip at 35 percent. Young people in particular are affected: about 60 percent of under-24-year-olds are unemployed. There are only few training opportunities. However, the Palestinian government has recognised that adult education is a key component of lifelong learning and has adopted a strategy to promote adult education. DVV International has been supporting this process since 2009, and has been represented with a country office in Ramallah since 2012 and with a branch office in Gaza since 2013. 

Main focus of work

Innovative offerings: DVV International supports the development of curricula for innovative educational activities that should help participants to generate income and to defend their interests. Central to this are participatory methods that focus on the interests and experiences of the participants, encourage critical thinking and peaceful conflict resolution.

Qualified professionals: DVV International trains teachers to become certified professionals in adult education. The training conveys theories and concepts of participatory adult education and enables participants to apply different teaching methods, depending on the topic and needs of learners.

Powerful adult education centres: DVV International supports the facilities of governmental and non-governmental bodies to establish adult education centres. The staff of the centres are supported to analyse training needs, to develop appropriate courses, to offer career guidance, to establish contacts with employers and encourage self-help initiatives in their catchment area.

Adult Education Strategy: Since 2010, DVV International has accompanied the Ministry of Education in Ramallah in the development and implementation of a strategy for adult education. After a three-year planning and consultation process, in which numerous relevant experts and decision-makers were involved, in 2013 the strategy was adopted and integrated into the national education strategy, i.e., implemented in annual work plans and budgets for adult education.


Key partners of DVV International in the Palestinian territories are the Ministry of Education, the university "Dar Al Kalima" in Bethlehem as well as local non-governmental organisations that are supported by training and counselling for the diversification of their offerings in the field of adult education, to develop a broader audience and refocus the courses to the needs of the target group. Through workshops, expert panels and advisory bodies, many of the other relevant actors such as universities, labour and social ministries, institutes for teacher training and international organisations are involved in the work and networked.

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