Eastern Neighbours

Ukraine Republic of Moldova

DVV International has been involved in the region since 2004, at first mainly in Belarus, where a country office was operating between 2009 and 2021. Gradually, the cooperation was extended to the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, so that other country offices could be set up in 2010. In order to further develop cooperation in the region and to create synergies, a regional office was founded in Kiev. Today, in a time of intensified European integration and cooperation, new opportunities and activities are also being provided for adult education. At the same time, the region is characterised by profound social, political and demographic transformation processes. The strengthening of democracy, human rights, participation and conflict prevention in multi-ethnic societies, cultural and ethnic diversity, vocational education and training, social market economy and sustainable regional development are moving more toward the centre of the adult education programmes of DVV International. This includes the involvement of partners at the European and international level in the implementation of adult education programmes.

Together with its partners in the region, DVV International strengthens NGOs and civil society networks in the field of adult education for socially disadvantaged groups and develops demand-driven, interactive methodological concepts for different target groups. One focus of regional cooperation is the advocacy and lobbying of policy makers and civil society to position adult education as a core area of lifelong learning. In addition to that, the Institute supports the establishment of adult education as a part of the education system, including training for teachers and support for research and best-practice theories.

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