DVV International has been active in Togo since the end of 2020. The activities are managed by the country office in Lomé.

DVV International’s work in Togo is aimed at strengthening adult education policy conceptually and helping to mobilise more resources for adult and non-formal education in Togo. The overall goal of DVV International is to promote an integrated adult education system in the West African country and to support national as well as regional institutions in taking into account the importance of adult education in their policies and practices. DVV International works to achieve this with the Ministry of Social Action, Women and Literacy (MAS).

The work of DVV International in Togo, which began in 2020, is initially focused on surveying and analysing the current adult education system in the country. To this end – in line with the system building approach – with the involvement of important state and civil society actors, an assessment has been made and concrete measures have been defined and agreed upon for the work of DVV International in Togo.

DVV International’s work in Togo will focus, among other things, on promoting dialogue between stakeholders in adult education in order to improve a regular exchange on sector-specific topics. In pilot projects, community and/or civil society organisations will be enabled to establish and expand community education centres, to manage them and to develop initial continuing education programmes in line with local needs. In addition, through further qualification, the methodological skills of adult educators will be improved.

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