Manufacture of musical instruments in an adult education centre in Azuay

Computer class in an adult education center in Caña

Roundtable with colleagues from the local civil society and the Ministry of Education

DVV International has been working in Ecuador since 2010 and has been represented by a regional office for the Andean region in Quito since 2014. DVV International is the only German actor for adult education represented in the country.

In the course of the “civil revolution” policy, education has received a high priority. 

Although educational goals are now less explicitly stated than before, they nevertheless describe a continuing ambitious education policy under three overall objectives in the National Development Plan (Toda una Vida, Plan Nacional de Desarrollo 2017-2021), which has been in force since September 2017. Oriented on previous goals, the focus is on universal access to basic and secondary education, overcoming inequalities, including access to university and vocational education, and improving the quality of education. The concepts focus on the formal sectors of school and university and do not take into account the possibilities of non-formal education. Young people and adults without (sufficient) formal education are therefore a marginal topic in terms of educational policy, and their educational needs are accordingly not a priority field of action for current policies. 

In the context of an “Education for All” and the challenges of education in the “digital age”, it means that these fields of action are already starting points for some current aspects of the work of DVV International. At the same time, they offer perspectives for the development of innovative approaches that take up and, in a reform-oriented way, further develop the existing potential of youth and adult education, thus contributing to also strengthening the sector in the context of national policies.

Main focus of work

Improvement of the national educational programme: Through training and the development of innovative further training offers for qualification of managerial and teaching staff of local training centres, DVV International wants to qualitatively improve and orient existing educational programmes toward target groups.

Educational opportunities for the incarcerated: Development and implementation of a formal curriculum for primary and secondary education in prison facilities, demand-based training programmes as well as actions for education integration increase the educational opportunities for the incarcerated.

Education for Sustainable Development: Through the training of local leaders (Escuela de Lideres), trainings and events to raise environmental awareness and education, as well as measures to promote solidarity economy, DVV International qualifies and supports local stakeholders.

Employment-oriented training: With training courses on intercultural and inclusive education, the institute and its partners opened up alternative employment options for target groups in rural areas (for example, promotion of municipal tourism).

Strengthening national adult education stakeholders: The Institute promotes the professional exchange and training of adult education staff. It coordinates discussions, regular meetings and supports lobbying work.


DVV International cooperates in Ecuador both with local non-governmental organisations as well as with bodies governed by the public and state education sector. Civil society partners include foundations like the Fundación Altrópico, the Centro de Investigaciones y Desarrollo Interculturales Ecológico Guanchuro (Fundación Guanchuro), the Fundación Somos Familia Ubuntu as well as the Fundación PRODECI. A cooperation partner from the public sector is the national subsystem for distance education (SEFSE – Subsistema de Educación Fiscomisional Semipresencial del Ecuador), which operates nationally with its 21 training centres (Unidades Educativas) and 369 branches (Centros de Atención Tuturial – CAT). Primary state contact partner is the national Ministry of Education and its Department for Youth and Adult Education for the support of people without adequate education (Dirección Nacional de Educación para personas con escolaridad Inconculsa – DNEPEI).

Contact in Ecuador

DVV International
Regional Office DVV International
Calle José Luis Tamayo & Lizardo García Edificio Matisse,
Octavo Piso, Oficina nº 22,
Quito 170523

Regional Director South America:
Meike Woller

Contact in Germany

Senior Desk Officer South America:
Eva König

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