The DVV International team in Kosovo

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Overlooking Prizren

The country office of DVV International in Kosovo has been there since 2005. The goal of the undertaking is to build an efficient and effective adult education system.

Kosovo has around 1.8 million inhabitants and is the country with the youngest population in Europe. About 28 percent of the population is younger than 15 years of age, 65 percent are between 15 and 64 years old. The unemployment rate is around 40 percent; among the under 25 year olds it is even estimated to be 75 percent. Women are statistically likely to be hit by unemployment about three times more than men. About one-third of the population lives below the national poverty line.

In Kosovo, many of the unemployed lack the skills necessary to have an opportunity in the labour market. For this reason, DVV International works with local partners to improve and expand offers for adult education with an eye on target groups. Special target groups are women from rural areas, people with disabilities and ethnic minorities.

Together with various partners, in recent years DVV International has launched and gotten underway a number of important initiatives for the creation of improved political and legal frameworks for adult education in the country. These include in particular the Adult Education Act, the Act on Vocational Education and Training and the “Kosovo Education Strategic Plan 2011 – 2016”.

Main focus of work

Among the focal points of the work of DVV International in Kosovo is the training of teachers in the methodology and didactics of adult education in order to contribute to quality improvement. In particular, the training of secondary teachers for non-formal education and vocational training centres, the improvement of curricula and programmes for adult education and better cooperation between the competent ministries, NGOs and private training establishments in this sector are at the centre of the commitment of DVV International.

DVV International in Kosovo also supports national efforts to anchor adult education strategies in the fight against poverty. Therefore the Institute qualifies decision-makers and links their engagement with regional and international approaches as part of the follow-up process to Confintea VI – the Andragogical Regional Academy (ARA), the International Conference on Adult Education – but also with regard to the requirements arising out of the prospect of accession to the EU. Central issues here are the financing of adult education through the public budget, the quality of adult learning opportunities (validation and accreditation of institutions and courses) as well as non-discriminatory participation.


In Kosovo, DVV International works with the Department of Adult Education in the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. In addition to these decision-makers, DVV International counts among its partners the National Authority for Qualifications, especially in the field of vocational qualifications, and the Pedagogical Institute Kosovo. Stable cooperative relations in the civil society sector are held with the KEC (Kosovo Education Centre) and other civil society organisations, especially with respect to specific target groups (rural women, disabled people, ethnic minorities, etc.).

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