The DVV International country programme in Colombia is based on the guidelines of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and on Colombian development planning. Sustainable Development Goal 4, which applies to quality education and lifelong learning, forms the central frame of reference for project work in the country. In cooperation with local actors from state and civil society, DVV International in Colombia is working to guarantee the human right to education for people of all ages and to structurally and qualitatively improve educational opportunities for young people and adults. To achieve this, non-formal education must also be given greater attention and support. It is of great importance for social participation and the economic development of the country. Education as a human right is also a key element for personal development and for the promotion of social cohesion, democracy and peace.

Since 2019, DVV International has maintained a local country office in the capital, Bogotá. With the aim of providing access to good education and needs-oriented training and further education for all and especially for disadvantaged population groups, DVV International is committed to working together with local actors to incorporate adult education into Colombian education policies as an integral component of lifelong learning and to anchor it there in a sustainable manner.

To this end, DVV International pursues and promotes the formation of strategic alliances and education policy lobbying. In cooperation with partners, DVV International develops and strengthens local offers and structures of non-formal youth and adult education at the national level and especially for people in rural areas. Professional training measures and further education for youth and adult educators, multipliers and employees of relevant actors from state and civil society, improve the offers and the quality of the local education providers and centres. Intercultural education and education for sustainable development pilot projects support the establishment and development of exemplary offers of inclusive education in the form of so-called “schools for peace”. Established on a sustainable basis, these function as extracurricular learning centres for young people and adults in rural communities and support the development of sustainable education strategies for people living in rural areas.

Further information on DVV International’s project work in Colombia can also be found on the website of the DVV International Regional Office.

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