Project on fostering leadership skills among youth

Project on fostering leadership skills among youth

Presentation of certificates in the context of an agricultural training with rural women

Curriculum globALE training

DVV International has been supporting adult education and lifelong learning in Kyrgyzstan since 2002. In 2012 a country office was opened in Bishkek, which has also fulfilled a coordinating function as a regional office since August 2018.

The political situation in Kyrgyzstan (population 6.46 million) has been destabilising for several years. After the change of government at the beginning of 2021, Kyrgyzstan has  devolved from a parliamentary democracy to a presidential system. There are also recurrent acute conflicts, including violent ones, on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border, among other places. The consequences of the Corona pandemic will further aggravate the existing economic and social problems.

The existing provision of adult education in Kyrgyzstan, especially in rural areas, is not sufficient to meet the need for relevant and easily accessible education for large parts of the adult population.

Through courses for non-formal vocational and civic education, DVV International supports socially disadvantaged groups in Kyrgyzstan. The country office also supports the further development of adult education institutions in the areas of educational provision, management and ensuring sustainability, thus contributing to improving the quality and accessibility of education provision in the country. Through policy advice, the conducting of studies and the transfer of German and European practices in the field of adult education and lifelong learning, it also contributes to the sustainable improvement of the framework of the education sector in Kyrgyzstan.

Main focus of work

Improvement of educational offers for socially disadvantaged groups: For socially disadvantaged groups such as the unemployed, prisoners, women and young people from rural areas, labour market oriented and civil society training courses as well as training programmes in peaceful conflict management and extremism prevention are offered in cooperation with adult education centres in various provinces of Kyrgyzstan.

Strengthening the capacity of adult education centres in Kyrgyzstan: In order to improve the quality of the courses offered, DVV International works in different regions of the Republic with the Kyrgyz adult education centres. This includes the further training of educational and administrative personnel, the updating of curricula and the preparing of materials.

Strengthening of the Kyrgyz Adult Education Association: DVV International contributes to strengthening of the Kyrgyz Adult Education Association and supports it in its civil society engagement and in its role as stakeholder representative of adult education. Moreover, DVV International promotes cooperation of the association with other adult education networks from the Central Asian region, but also with trans-national networks such as ASPBAE, the Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education.

Promoting the national and international exchange of issues related to adult education: Through consultation, study tours and the organisation of roundtables and conferences in collaboration with national and international actors, DVV International contributes to the improvement of conditions in the education sector. In order to promote international exchanges, DVV International supports the participation of Kyrgyz adult educators as well as decision-makers in regional and international events. Lobbying and policy advice also supports the UNESCO World Conferences on Adult Education (CONFINTEA) process and the achievement and monitoring of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and specifically SDG 4 (Quality Education).


Among the partners of DVV International in Kyrgyzstan, both state and non-state actors are  included. State partners of DVV International are the State Prison System Administration and the Agency for Vocational Training at the Ministry of Youth, Labour and Employment of the Kyrgyz Republic as well as the state universities of the cities of Bishkek and Osh. The non-governmental partners include the Kyrgyz Adult Education Association (KAEA) as well as the Association of Public Libraries and its member organisations, the Institute for Youth Development, Youth of Osh and the AIDS Foundation East West. An important international partner is the European Union with its development programmes.

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