Republic of Moldowa

International Conference on Adult non-formal Education in Chisinau

Elderly learners from Chiscareni village during a class at the local Seniors Club

A meeting with local partners for strategic planning, Chisinau

A training course for unemployed young people in Cahul

DVV International opened a country office in the Republic of Moldova in 2010. Based on existing participatory learning approaches, the Institute aims to build a comprehensive system for adult education in the country through consultation and in cooperation with a wide variety of actors. Together with educational experts and decision-makers, the Institute first determined the regional and national training needs. Successful innovative approaches from other partner countries and regions of DVV International were adapted to the realities in the country and implemented in a pilot phase. In Moldova, a type of Codex Educationis, a legal framework for the whole education system was enacted in November 2014. It is primarily aimed at the totally new regulation of formal education, however it also opens up new opportunities for non-formal learning projects in adult education. 

A major problem is the high unemployment in the Republic of Moldova. Not only people with no education or vocational training have difficulty in finding a job. Even the well-educated youth, especially in rural communities, find no work which is commensurate with their training. Many young people live either with support from their parents, or are looking for ways to emigrate. In collaboration with its partners, DVV International develops and implements training tailored to their needs.

Another target group of the Institute is the elderly. Approximately 63.2 percent of the households in the country are composed of people over 50 years old. Many of them today take on new roles: They provide for their grandchildren and carry out tasks in the community.

Main focus of work

Together with its partner organisations, the Institute offers further training in the field of vocational education for unemployed young people, senior citizens and unemployed women.

DVV International advises various educational institutions as regards professionalisation in the area of adult education, for example in the carrying out of needs assessments, programme development, networking and lobbying at the local and national level.

Dialogue with decision-makers is also on the agenda of the country office. The Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Labour, the National Labour Office and the Ministry of Youth are partners to anchor adult education and to improve the living conditions of the population.


The partners of DVV International in Moldova include non-profit organisations, government and private institutions (libraries, museums, craft centres) working in the field of education and training and contribute to the social inclusion of disadvantaged people. Most partners are located outside the capital, since socially disadvantaged groups are found mainly in rural areas. Nevertheless, cooperation with organisations from Chișinău itself has increased over the past few years. 

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