Staff in the Regions

West Africa

Regional Office West Africa (Mali)
Regional Director

Martin Westphal

North Africa

Regional Office North Africa (Tunisia)
Regional Director

Donia Benmiloud

Country Office Morocco

Said Doukali

East Africa

Regional Office East Africa (Tanzania)
Regional Director

Frauke Heinze

Country Office Uganda
Country Director

Caesar Kyebakola

Country Office Ethiopia
Country Director

Eshetu Abate

Southern Africa

Regional Office Southern Africa (Malawi)
Regional Director

Gerhard Quincke

Country Office Mozambique
Country Director

José Mucuapa

Country Office South Africa
Country Director

Farrell Hunter

Middle East

Regional Office Jordan
Regional Director

Barbara Hust

Country Office Palestinian Territories
Country Director

Ola Issa

Southeast Asia

Regional Office South and Southeast Asia (Laos)
Regional Director

Christoph Jost

Country Office Cambodia
Country Director

Peou Vanna

Central Asia

Regional Office Central Asia (Kyrgyyzstan)
Regional Director

Galina Veramejchyk

Country Office Tajikistan
Country Director

Zarina Khalikova

Country Office Uzbekistan
Country Director

Tatyana Zaichenko

South Asia

Regional OfficeSouth Asia (Sri Lanka)
Regional Director

Sonja Belete

Central America

Mexico and Guatemala
Regional Director

Susanna Hess-Kalcher

South America

Regional Office South America (Ecuador)
Regional Director

Meike Woller

Country Office Peru
Country Director

Walter Quispe Rojas

Country Office Colombia
Country Director

Laura Alarcón

Southeast Europe

Country Office Bosnia and Herzegovina
Deputy Director

Dženita Džano

Country Office Kosovo Country

Ramadan Alija

Eastern Neighbours

Regional Office Eastern Neighbours (Ukraine)
Regional Director

Levan Kvatchadze

Country Office Republic of Moldova
Country Director

Adela Scutaru-Gutu

Country Office Belarus
Country Director

Galina Veramejchyk

Caucasus and Turkey

Regional Office Caucasus und Turkey (Georgia)
Regional Director

Dr. Thomas Lichtenberg

Country Office Armenia
Country Director

Ester Hakobyan

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