Creating places for lifelong learning: DVV International strengthens its commitment in Chiapas, Mexico

On 13 October, the Institute opened new premises in San Cristóbal de las Casas in cooperation with the Secretariat for Gender Equality (SEIGEN).

Colleagues from DVV International and local partner institutions during the opening of the new offices

For many years, DVV International has been involved in the communities of Chiapas in the south of Mexico with partner organisations, together developing needs-oriented educational programmes for indigenous and rural populations, women and migrants. In the future, DVV International will strengthen its commitment on the ground. It opened new premises in San Cristóbal de las Casas on 13 October in cooperation with the Secretariat for Gender Equality (SEIGEN) of the Chiapas state government. 

DVV International has been cooperating with SEIGEN since 2018. The cooperation was formalised in 2021 through an inter-institutional framework agreement to promote the La Albarrada training centre as a model centre for lifelong learning. The centre includes workshops (handicrafts, technology, textiles, gastronomy), a tree nursery and facilities for ecological cultivation, as well as accommodation and training rooms. 

DVV International supports the centre through expert advice, organisational development and measures to improve the programme offer. Initial successes are already noticeable; and in mid-2023 SEIGEN offered DVV International premises for its own office on the La Albarrada site. The new office space includes a reception and meeting room, two offices and a fully equipped radio booth.

Example of successful cooperation between state and civil society actors

This development is testimony to good cooperation and means a win-win situation for both sides. As a public institution, La Albarrada provides infrastructure and staff; in return, DVV International ensures that the centre is filled with (educational) life and events. This interlinking of state and civil society actors offers abundant potential for further joint engagement on behalf of marginalised populations.

Freshly renovated, the premises were officially opened at an event on 13 October. In addition to representatives of partner organisations and local education centres, the directorates of the state adult education institute ICHEJA and the University of UNACH also took part.

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