Support for parents who are homeschooling children in Laos

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The pandemic poses great challenges to the education system in Laos. Kindergartens, schools and universities have been closed since April 2021. Even adult education, which DVV International promotes primarily in the area of non-formal education, can only make a few educational offers possible in face-to-face learning.

It is therefore all the more important that online offers are developed that meet the needs of disadvantaged population groups in particular. These needs include remedial education, learning simple vocational skills to generate income, but also new needs such as accompanying one’s own children in learning via online platforms in times of school closures.

In collaboration with DVV International, the Non-Formal Education Development Centre (NFEDC) has therefore produced a series of videos to address these needs. Support in homeschooling for children is particularly key for many parents who themselves were often only able to attend school for a few years. This demonstrates the importance of adult education and informal learning for the enlightenment and socialisation of future generations as well.

An exemplary video on supporting parents who are homeschooling children can be found here.

Further videos of NFEDC can be found on their NFEDC YouTube channel.

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