Curriculum globALE video lectures now online

Curriculum globALE video lectures

Curriculum globALE (CG) is a cross-cultural core curriculum for the training of adult educators worldwide. It was developed in 2013 and to date has been piloted in 14 countries. In five modules, it describes the relevant skills needed to design and conduct education offers for adults successfully. DVV International Central Asia has produced video lectures to support the CG training.

Challenges and opportunities in the implementation of Curriculum globALE

The exchange between staff, partners and participants from different regions on their experiences with piloting the CG so far has indicated some common challenges and opportunities for the further development of the curriculum. In particular, the involvement of international ALE experts in conducting some of the more theory-heavy topics of the CG modules has been causing financial and planning challenges for the partners and country offices of DVV International. This could be avoided if satisfactory alternatives to the engagement of international trainers existed.

In addition, the description of Curriculum globALE provides only a very brief overview on methodsand tools for implementing and assessing the required self-organised training of the participants. In the specific context of DVV International’s project countries, where such methods and tools often lack refinement and diversity, an increased need for resources to support self-managed learning of CG participants has been identified.

New video lectures launched to support CG-based training

The DVV International regional office for Central Asia addressed some of the challenges that had been identified in the years of piloting the CG by creating digital resources for the further development of the Curriculum globALE. Training sessions on selected topics from each of the five CG modules were filmed by a group of international ALE experts/trainers and edited by a professional video production company, resulting in video lectures, including instructions and recommendations on their use.

The accessibility of the new digital resources can greatly contribute to both reducing the cost and duration of CG implementation at country-level, and to improving the learning quality and outcomes of CG graduates. The developed methodical recommendations and guidelines on the organisation, implementation, and assessment of the outputs of organised and self-organised learning sessions will also support and guide the implementation process.

The video lectures were filmed in the English language and are available on the YouTube channel of DVV International. The subtitles from the video lectures are available upon request and can be used for translation into other languages.

Considering the restrictions still imposed in many countries due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the shift to online learning, these video lectures on CG can provide ALE facilitators with an additional tool to implement capacity-building activities for their trainers.

The video lecture modules

Module 1: Approaching Adult Learning and Education by Johanni Larjanko, Bildningsalliansen (Finland)

Module 2: Learning Theories in Adult Education by Prof. Shermaine Barrett, University of Technology (Jamaica), President of the Jamaican Council of Adult Education

Module 3: Communication and group dynamics in adult learning and education by Toms Urdze,

Module 4: Methods of adult learning and education by Alena Lugovtsova, Psychologist, adult educator (Belarus)

Module 5: Planning, organisation, and evaluation in adult education by Olga Agapova, ALE-expert (Russia)

Production and editing by Media Education Center (Serbia)

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