DVV International Colombia presents new partners in Bogotá

DVV International and its new partners sign five Memoranda of Understanding to jointly strengthen adult education at local and regional level.

Representatives of the BMZ, DVV International and the German Embassy in Colombia during the event in Bogotá

On 20 October, DVV International Colombia organised an event in the city of Bogotá to introduce its new partners. During the event, the partners signed five Memoranda of Understanding to further strengthen Adult Learning and Education (ALE) at both the local and regional level. The event was held in the framework of a visit of the German Federal Ministry of Cooperation and Development (BMZ) to Colombia.

In addition to representatives from the BMZ and DVV International, all of DVV International’s new partners attended the event: The National Ministry of Education (MEN), the Secretariat of Culture, Recreation and Sport of Bogotá (SCRD), the National Department of Social Prosperity (DPS), the Andean Parliament, the Research Centre for Sustainable Development in Latin America of the University of the Andes (CODS) and the Intercultural Studies Centre of the Javeriana University of Cali (IEI). The Colombian Coalition for the Right to Education (CCDE), already a partner of DVV International for several years, was also present.

During a roundtable discussion, Laura Alarcón, Country Director of DVV International, gave an overview of the Institute’s work in Colombia. Working with local partners, DVV International seeks to integrate Adult Learning and Education into Colombian education policy as an integral part of lifelong learning. To this end, DVV International promotes strategic alliances, supports educational activities that address literacy and basic education, environmental education and sustainable development, as well as education for peace and gender mainstreaming.

In their statements, the new partners emphasised the value they see in working with DVV International. For example, the CODS highlighted the opportunities to conduct research and develop joint projects on inequality, biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation and adaptation at the regional level. 

Memoranda of Understanding for close cooperation at the local and regional level 

The event concluded with the formal signing of five Memoranda of Understanding for the purpose of fostering joint measures to strengthen youth and adult education at the local and regional level.

The alliance with the Andean Parliament will support a regional exchange of experience, knowledge and “good practice” related to the protection and guarantee of the rights of older adults. With the CODS, cooperation will focus on formal and non-formal education programmes, research and exchanges to make the contribution of ALE to the 2030 Agenda visible at the regional and local level.

The alliance with the SCRD aims to change narratives and behaviours associated with discrimination, machismo and gender-based violence. A participatory diagnosis is currently being carried out on how gender and concepts of masculinity affect educational trajectories, the construction of life projects, relationships and ties between young men and adult men in rural areas. 

With the DPS, cooperation is aimed at the educational development of young people and adults in order to provide them with life opportunities and tools for their progress. The agreement with the IEI focuses on intercultural education and initiatives that promote and support peace-building and reconciliation processes.

Although no official alliance agreement has yet been signed with the Ministry of Education, a joint roadmap has been drawn up and several activities have already been carried out. These include the “Ministerial Roundtable on ALE in Latin America and the Caribbean”, an initiative to strengthen links of international cooperation between the Ministries of Education of Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

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