European elections 2024 – EAEA formulates key recommendations for adult education

With regards to the European elections in June, the European Association for Adult Education (EAEA) has formulated ten key recommendations for strengthening adult education.

EAEA recommendations for the European Elections 2024

From 6 to 9 June, the citizens of the European Union will elect a new European Parliament. The European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) has taken this as an opportunity to formulate ten key recommendations to strengthen adult education and address them to political decision-makers. 

The recommendations were developed with the participation of adult education associations throughout Europe, including the German Adult Education Association (Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband) and its Institute for International Cooperation DVV International. Uwe Gartenschlaeger, Director of DVV International, is currently President of EAEA.

“Recognise that the digital transformation, the Green Deal, and the strengthening of democracy cannot become a reality without adult learning and education. Empower adult learning and education for a strong involvement of the European public in this transformation and in Europe as a whole. Utilise the power of adult learning and education to reach adults of all ages and backgrounds for constructing and strengthening the basis of European democracy.” – EAEA recommendations for the European Elections 2024

Among other things, EAEA recommends triplicating the budget for non-formal adult learning and education in Erasmus+, Horizon Europe, and in the European Social Fund+, exempting non-formal adult learning and education from VAT and adopting an EU directive on the right to transnational paid educational leave. 

The key recommendations also emphasise the global importance of adult education.

“Advocate for adult learning and education at the global level, particularly in the context of the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and the main financing mechanisms such as the Global Partnership for Education, using the UNESCO Marrakech Framework for Action in particular.” – EAEA recommendations for the European Elections 2024

The recommendations are available in 14 languages.

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