DVV International: Committed to supporting lifelong learning

As the leading professional organisation in the field of adult education and development cooperation in Germany, DVV International has committed itself to supporting lifelong learning for more than 50 years. DVV International provides worldwide support for the establishment and development of sustainable structures for Youth and Adult Education.

We are a professional partner in dialogue with the local people. To achieve this, we cooperate with more than 200 civil society, government and academic partners in more than 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. Our country and regional offices build local and regional cooperation and ensure the quality and effectiveness of our action in our partner countries. Our work focuses on literacy and basic education, vocational training, global and intercultural learning, environmental education and sustainable development, migration and integration, refugee work, health education, conflict prevention and democracy education.

Our vision

We fight poverty through education and support development. As a globally acting professional organisation for adult learning and education (ALE), we build a sustainable system for further education along with citizens, educational organisations and governments. Together with the people in our partner countries, we establish places for lifelong learning.

Our contribution to the discourse on lifelong learning

We contribute to knowledge and discussion on lifelong learning. Our main publication series is IPE (International Perspectives in Adult Education), with country reports, comparative studies, monographs and materials, as well as experiences related to adult education, from one or several countries, which are looked at and discussed from an international perspective. 

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Our tools for adult education

Our ALE Toolbox provides instruments, methodologies and approaches in Adult Learning and Education (ALE) free of charge.

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