Citizen's voices

Joaquim Jorge

1. What does global citizenship mean to you?

An individual who feels part of the global world system, meaning he/she has the power to induce change in the system itself. You can change the things around you because you are engaged and because you belong. You can change the system because you participate in it as a fully-engaged member; you are a driving force and you have the power of agency. Every single individual is important and can play a role, conducing others and infl uencing them to act the same way. Be responsible for the world. We only have one planet, and we are all humans who are entitled to the same rights.

2. In what ways are you a global citizen?

I think in many diff erent ways; considered choices while buying and consuming; the respect I show men, women and gender minorities; I try to live my life in a balanced way, being informed about what is going on around the world, especially (access to) education, human rights and access to culture. I campaign for free trade causes and environmental practices that ensure fairer access to water and other basic resources which sustain life.