CONFINTEA Invitation to the Workshop on Theme 10

Enhancing International Cooperation and Solidarity

During CONFINTEA V in Hamburg 1997 the theme “Enhancing International Cooperation and Solidarity” was discussed during a workshop session. Major results were included in the Agenda for the Future:

“International cooperation and solidarity must strengthen a new vision of adult learning which is both holistic, to embrace all aspects of life, and cross-sectoral, to include all areas of cultural, social and economic activity. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights must be the principal source of guidance in the promotion of international cooperation and solidarity, and the culture of peace. Dialogue, sharing, consultation and the willingness to learn from one another are the basis of this cooperation. It should include respect for diversity.”


A look at the UIE information shows that the aims of the Midterm Review are

a) to discuss the gains (accomplishments) since 1977 as well as problem areas in meeting the Hamburg Declaration and the Agenda for the Future;
b) to look at the latest developments and trends in their respective themes; and
c) to come up with concrete recommendations for the CONFINTEA V Review.

During the workshop we expect presentations on the following issues:

  • Chris Duke reports on the Beijing Conference on international cooperation in adult education organized by ASPBAE

  • Ellinor Haase looks at cooperation within the European region and its respective association EAEA

  • Jun Sakuma and Maki Hayashikawa present strategies, projects and new ideas in the context of Japanese overseas aid JICA

  • Rosa María Torres discusses her view on international developments from a Latin American perspective, including her new report ABLE

  • Heribert Hinzen presents the terms of reference of a IIZ/DVV study on international cooperation, partnership and solidarity.


It could well be that additional presentations from colleagues working in international agencies are added. However, we shall most of the time discuss the current reality, and future perspectives. In the afternoon of the 7th we shall have to prepare a written report for the Report Committee on the 8th. Additionally, highlights of the workshop may be presented during the plenary on the 9th, reserved for thematic reviews. We welcome participants to join our sessions.

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