Memories of a journal

By friends, contributors and readers


“Many years ago, when working on indigenous knowledge with regard to adult education, the AED journal was the one source of really interesting research work on IKS. Where else could one find alternative knowledge about the process of education and learning, community activism and adult education? AED will be badly missed.”

Astrid von Kotze, author and reader of AED, Popular Education Programme, South Africa

“Your magazine is great! I just finished AED 81 and feel like there’s hope left for the world.”

Feedback from a reader on issue 81 

“I am really struck by the cover of the journal ‘Inclusion and Diversity’. Really seeing the cover one wants to read the whole journal.”

Feedback from a reader on issue 84

“I first encountered this journal as a Master’s student in Adult and Community Education at Manchester University in 1977. To become part of the editorial board many years later was a pri­vilege greatly enhanced by the collective nature of the work in which board members were effectively involved in decisions concerning all aspects of each number of the journal. With its passing, we have lost a valuable contribution to the debate on adult education globally at a time when we most need it.” 

Timothy D. Ireland, Member of the AED Editorial Board (2013 – 2018) and Consultancy Board, University of Paraiba, Brazil

“This very professional journal will certainly help me in the implementation of my literacy and adult education programmes.”

Feedback from a reader

“I will always cherish the opportunity I was afforded to serve on the editorial board of the Adult Education and Development journal for three years. I found it a rewarding experience in a number of ways: experiencing diverse peoples and cultures; interacting with a group of individuals with varying and sometimes opposing views and sharing in a process leading to mutual agreement; and contributing to scholarship in the field of adult education.” 

Shermaine Barrett, Member of the AED Editorial Board (2017 – 2019),
University of Technology, Jamaica


“I always appreciated your creative focus, covering a variety of perspectives and practices accessible to many. As you know, community practitioners in the field do not access and do not read the main academic publications on adult education  and community development. And yours is an exception.”

Feedback from a reader 

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“I just found a little error, on page 58 there are three numbered pictures and labels, but numbers 6 and 7 are inverted.”

Feedback from a very careful reader


“22 years ago I translated my first article for Adult Education and Development, without having much of an idea about the areas that adult education could cover. This collaboration, which has lasted for more than two decades, has been an enrichment for me, allowing me to discover innumerable facets of what learning and the imparting of knowledge, skills and wisdom can mean, encompassing all areas of life, all locations, all social milieus, and ultimately every one of us, whatever age group we belong to. It is with sadness that I see this collaboration coming to an end, but at the same time I am proud to have been a part of it. Thank you for all that!”

Catherine da Silva-Pedersen, Translator
(English > French) for AED, Germany/France

“The AED publication has been the foremost adult education journal of our time, strong in the promotion and dissemination of information on adult and non-formal education practices round the world that may have been hitherto unknown and unshared. It is sad that this worthwhile venture is coming to an end, as I have truly enjoyed the pub­lication and am greatly honoured to have contributed to some of its editions.” 

Diipo Fagunwa, author and reader of AED, ­Elderly Care and Support Services (ELCASUSE), Nigeria

“The journal talks about urgent issues on adult edu­cation.
It is a tool for advocacy made accessible to all.”

 Feedback from a reader

“Something that started off in 1973 with thin editions that were written up on a typewriter developed, thanks to digitalisation and to the technical progress that has taken place in printing and typesetting, to become a professionally-designed magazine meeting the highest expectations in terms of both its content and its ­appearance. I am glad that I was part of this this process for more than two decades.”

Gisela Waschek, former member
of the editorial team of AED, Germany


“The renewal of Adult Education and Development (AED) to its present format, design and content was a real lift for improving the visibility of important trends and tasks of adult learning and education globally. The mix of articles based on research, interviews, adult learners’ and trainers’ voices, columns, illustrations and pictures is remarkable. Because of the thematic profiles and choices, the issues will last a long time. Cooperation between DVV International and ICAE has also been unique, with ICAE responsible for following up the issues by online seminars.” 

Sturla Bjerkaker, Member of the AED Editorial Board (2013 ­– 2018) and Consultancy Board, Norway

“In the 1990s, Adult Education and Development played an important role in helping us to share innovative expe­riences of the REFLECT approach to adult learning – creating a space for dialogue and exchange between practitioners and researchers in South and South-East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Central and South America. This journal helped us to grapple with and overcome the power of geographies, languages, institutions and disciplines which so often limit the spread of innovation.”

David Archer, author and reader of AED,
ActionAid International, United Kingdom


“The journal has indeed expanded the minds of people globally. People have learnt to discuss and how to transform their villages.”

Feedback from a reader

“AED has been an important component throughout my professional life. I read the early issues during my doctoral dissertation. My first contribution as an author was in 1975, and already in 1978 my time as ­editor of AED began. Since 2013, I served on the editorial board. To work on and for AED created the great challenge and opportunity to keep close to current policy and practice. This global voice on adult ­education and lifelong learning in their ­potential to support sustainable development will certainly be missed.”

Heribert Hinzen, former editor of AED,
Member of the AED Editorial Board (2013 – 2017) and Consultancy Board, Germany

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