Claudius Ceccoon, Cartoonist

What’s so funny about education?

Perhaps the fact that in a society that doesn’t know how to change course (the present one leads to an environmental Armageddon, a Titanic sailing full speed ahead into a huge iceberg) everyone asks educators to give answers, without providing them with the necessary resources to do it – and when they do give answers, society won’t listen.

What is funnier, politics or education?



...because politicians take themselves so seriously.

What, if anything, is it not possible to do a cartoon about?

In principle, humour is here to unveil the hidden aspects of any human activity, so there shouldn’t be any subject that should escape its subversive action. In Umberto Eco’s Le nom de la Rose, humour is the great enemy of religion (in one monk’s vision), and at least one recent cartoon raised angry reactions from Islamists. I’d say that religious people and politicians generally lack a sense of humour. That’s why it is so rewarding for a cartoonist to criticise politicians and make fun of pastors, priests, the Pope and so on. By the way, the present Pope Francis seems to have a great sense of humour, which reveals a very bright and intelligent person – just like a cartoonist is!

Claudius Ceccoon

Brazilian of Italian descent, Architect, Graphic Designer, post graduate studies in Urban Planning (Italy, The Netherlands), Cartoonist. Executive Director of CECIP (People s Image Creation Center) a not for profit NGO that produces educational audio visual and printed toolkits, conceives public interest campaigns (on racism, domestic violence, health and educational issues, etc.) and organises training courses and seminars for educators and other social actors, empow ering them to qualify their action in bringing about necessary changes in our societies.











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